Catalyst for Increasing Sales

VistaShift offers organizational teams an easy, yet powerful perspective-taking utility that reveals customer compelling themes used to build a targeted and effective marketing and sales foundation.

Step 1) Value Proposition
Step 2) Unique Market Position
Step 3) Key Selling Messages & Customer Reach

Leverage your perspective taking power as a catalyst for increasing your sales.

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A Customer’s Perception IS REALITY

Cindy Porter, What organization isn’t excited to tell the world about their offering?  Unfortunately, for many sales and marketing teams it can be hard to get customers as jazzed about a product or service as we are.  In fact, we go to great lengths to learn more about our customers in order to create a selling story […]

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News Release

      Introducing a new app for tapping into our greatest human resource. September 30, 2014, Hamilton, Ontario,  Orbital, a Hamilton based digital agency, presented at Software Hamilton’s Demo Camp last evening, a new perspective taking web app designed for their client VistaShift. A new venture started by Ron Neumann, former Executive Director of […]