We Help YOU Create Marketing Messages That Sell


VistaShift® Helps You Increase Your Sales

By empowering your team to become a unified voice,
marketing messages and strategies are created
that perfectly align with your customer

Gain Alignment Inside and Outside Your Company

Having alignment inside and outside the company creates powerful results:

Customer alignment = Increased sales
Team alignment = Increased productivity                              ymca quote

Why VistaShift?

This fresh approach to seeing your company will build better
relationships with clients and grow a thriving team and business.

It’s Time To Shift Your Vista®

We make it easy to identify how you can increase your sales through three different options:

1) Connect: Attracting Your Customer
2) Differentiate: Your Competitive Advantage
3) Execute: Your Playbook: Marketing Strategies, Tactics and Messages

Catalyst Software

VistaShift’s Catalyst Software gives a simple and visual way to understand the different factors that are impacting your company’s ability to increase sales.  By storing these factors, insights, reports, personas and action steps, Catalyst becomes the company hub for understanding how to get and stay ahead of the competition.

1_Main_Screen                        2_Persona_Image

For Digital Marketing Agencies

VistaShift’s patented process aligns perfectly with any digital marketing agency. VistaShift quickly helps identify the right message for the right target, speeds up the process of developing messaging while helping teams take a fresh way of thinking about their company. By aligning teams on clear messaging it gives a great framework for digital marketing companies to implement. Contact us for details.

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