We believe taking multiple perspectives is our greatest human resource.

Stepping out of your own perspective to take on another is a very powerful skill we naturally use to solve problems and make confident decisions.

VistaShift is an easy 3 step repeatable process & software app that enhances our natural perspective taking ability by engaging individuals and organizational teams in a series of simple questions requiring answers from multiple points of view.  Comparing & contrasting answers uncovers blind spots and hidden knowledge, identifies new themes & patterns and helps to creatively solve any challenge, quickly and confidently.

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Time For Change Means Different Strategy Or Vary

Entrepreneurs Need to Shift their Frame to Keep Pace with Change.

Ron Neumann Leaders can become fixed within a “frame-of-view” that is shaped over time by the culture, history and habits of the organization.  This becomes the lens through which they analyze, interpret and make key decisions, and can limit their ability to solve challenges or pursue new opportunities.  Without awareness of this tendency, it can […]

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No BS meetings: Tech Leadership Q&A with Ron Neumann of VistaShift

(June 4, 2014 By Samantha Clark) For Ron Neumann, it’s all about changing perspective. During his Tech Leadership Conference breakout session called No BS Meetings, the founder and CEO of VistaShift told business leaders that they might be doing meetings incorrectly—but there is a solution. Read more.