Two people listening to man.

A Customer’s Perception IS REALITY

Cindy Porter, What organization isn’t excited to tell the world about their offering?  Unfortunately, for many sales and marketing teams it can be hard to get customers as jazzed about a product or service as we are.  In fact, we go to great lengths to learn more about our customers in order to create a selling story […]


Time For Change Means Different Strategy Or Vary

Entrepreneurs Need to Shift their Frame to Keep Pace with Change.

Ron Neumann Leaders can become fixed within a “frame-of-view” that is shaped over time by the culture, history and habits of the organization.  This becomes the lens through which they analyze, interpret and make key decisions, and can limit their ability to solve challenges or pursue new opportunities.  Without awareness of this tendency, it can […]


Effective Communications

An Entrepreneur’s Insight Is Only Valuable When Effectively Communicated

Ron Neumann How often have we had an idea we are excited to share, but for some reason we are not able to transmit this same enthusiasm to others?  As entrepreneurs, the ability to effectively communicate our insights is critical to the success of our business.  Whether it’s enrolling investors, motivating employees or selling to […]



An Entrepreneur’s “View of the Situation” – How Do You Know if it’s Accurate?

Ron Neumann Insights start as a spark of creativity that is generated when something is seen in a new light – which often comes naturally to entrepreneurs (Entrepreneurs Are Insight Generating Machines).  But for far too many, their great insights are misdirected and don’t lead to the success that they envision. The inability to effectively […]


Castaway in bureaucracy

A Wave is Coming – Are You Ready to Ride it or Will it Crush You?

Ron Neumann The forces impacting our business everyday are varied, changing, and often not obvious to us until a problem arises.  These forces are being driven by the increase in speed, complexity and interconnectedness of the world we work in.  All of this affects our business through greater competition, higher expectations by employees and investors, […]



Entrepreneurs Are Insight Generating Machines

By Ron Neumann Entrepreneurs come up with insights to create new products and services that continue to evolve and change our world.  It seems like it is just in their nature, or it is the power that drives them in their quest for success… they just can’t help themselves.  But having insight is only part […]



Time To “Think Outside The Groove”

 Ron Neumann In this Lifehacker survey from a few years ago “Thinking Outside the Box” scored the top place in “What Cliché Work Phrase Would You Retire?”  We agree.  Enough already! The term is thought to derive from management consultants in the 1970s and 80s as they challenged their clients to solve the “nine dots” […]



Know Your Customer…. but Don’t Ask Your Customer

 Ron Neumann “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Henry Ford This is one of two famous quotes from successful entrepreneurs I think share a theme that provides valuable business insight.  The other, Steve Jobs’ quoted “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you […]


Creativity before innovation

Using Insights (not innovation) To Differentiate

 Ron Neumann We all know that creativity and innovation go hand-in-hand, but with the world changing so fast and growing more complex, innovation has lost its meaning for so many of us.  Innovation is no longer a differentiation factor, or no longer optional, it has become part of our survival. In the past, we have […]


Be leaderconcept

Vu Déjà

Ron Neumann We are all looking for ways to see our everyday problems with fresh eyes, perhaps a twist on the French language will help to provide an answer.  We all know the meaning of déjà vu.  It is a phenomenon of having a strong sensation that an experience has been experienced before, whether it […]


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